• Image of Transcendence CD

This is the physical edition of Transcendence. All CDs will be sent so that they will reach their owners in the most timely fashion possible, and upon purchase the digital edition will be made available without any costs.

1. Serenity(Prologue)
2. Stranded
3. Katana
4. Wanderer (feat. Per Nilsson)
5. Transcendence
6. Machina
7. Frozen Soul (feat. Francesco Filigoi)
8. Ryujin
9. Roland's Last Stand
10. Eclipse
11. Through The Mists (Epilogue)

Drums on Transcendence, Machina and Eclipse by Kevin Talley
Drums on Stranded by Rich Psonak
Guest lead on Wanderer by Per Nilsson
Guest lead on Frozen Soul by Francesco Filigoi

All instruments and programming by Fred Brum except where noted.

Copyright 2014 Fred Brum